Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response to Priesters Syllabus

I feel very good about English 9 and 10 this year because I love learning new things. This year the teaching is different because at my old school I am used to writing and now everything is on a computer. I'm used to the tardy policies and absences because at my old school it was more stricter on the policy and also my old school was way bigger than this one so I have no excuse to be late.The syllabus states that were going to be doing challenging work. I feel very excited about that because I love to be challenged and I love to make my brain think more. Last year I got an A in my English so I don't expect to get any different. Last year I had a 3.7 and I want to get a 4.0 like I did in 8th grade. Usually I I follow the expectations I have an unhealthy habit on doing things but not checking it because I think its right. Last year my citizenship grades were really good plus this year I don't have that many students in my class so I won't be able to get distracted. I hope that I can maintain a good academic and citizenship grade this year.

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  1. What are the other two things that stand out from the syllabus? What do they mean to you?