Friday, October 7, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragraph 7 - Vampires

Will the popularity of vampires in literature and movies fade away? Of course they will,new things come in trend all the time. One reason that the popularity of vampires in literature and movies fade away is that there are too many of them like Twilight,The Vampire Diaries, or True Blood start to get annoying after you realize all the characters and the PLOT are the same. Another reason is that these vampire movies will fade away because they  are making the vampires romantic and mysterious and a FACTOR of that is attracting a female audience because they think its "cute". The way that they are making vampires now is not how they were back then. Now they have vampires afraid to drink other humans blood because thier in love with them or wanna let them free. Isnt that the true meaning of vampire? To drink humans blood? Now it's like they have taken the vampires VOICE away and they can't even be themselves anymore. There are so many reasons why Vampires will fade away because it's to overexposed.

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  1. Your poster looks great! I spy your hands. So, do you read/watch vampire stories?