Tuesday, October 4, 2011

“Two Kinds” Character Analysis Paragraph

In the story Two Kinds Jing-Mei's mom is very bossy. Others like her Jing Mei  think that she's mean and she's very impatient. Jing-Mei's mom actions are very disturbing because she actually grabbed and pulled on her daughter which I think is abuse.Jing-Mei's mom is an Asian woman nothing else was described about her. Jing-Mei's mom thoughts and feelings was that she felt the need to force her daughter to become a prodigy piano player even if her daughter didn't want to be. When Jing-Mei's was yelling at her and saying she wants her to be something she's not she told Jing-Mei that there is two kinds of daughters,ones who obey and ones who do what they want. Jing-Mei's mom said that there is only one kind of daughter for her. Jing-Mei's mom is like a real person because I know a lot of people who are very controlling and don't want to listen to the others best intrest.

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