Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Person Narrator: House Parent/Lead Staff Point of View of Thomas

So today I walked in the house,the first thing Frannie yells is "Make me a sandwich!" I swear that she ask this everyday. So I started to make dinner and Frannie goes in the living room and goes to eat her sandwich even when I tell her over and over again to stop eating in the living room and she never listens. So I make dinner for everybody and they enjoyed it because my cooking is so good.Sylvia comes to eat last and complains that there is no food so I have to cook more noodles for her. After I cooked for her my wife,Holly, came down along with my son Sylus and I was holding him and feeding him. Everyone was pretty calm until Frannie yelled at me to kill a cricket in her room and this is the 3rd time this week. I have no idea of what is going on with them After I killed it everyone was fine and we all watched a movie.

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