Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Biographical Narrative Final Draft

Franniee W.
English 10
Period 2
Biographical Narrative

Sonya (The Social Worker)

A lot of people don’t know Sonya,it’s probably because she’s my house social worker but if you did you would love her because she is not afraid to put her self down. She is like 27 and she is a house social worker she has no kids.She is single and plans on staying that way until she feels like the time is right.I love being around Sonya because she understands me,she is young,and knows what Im going through.
When I first got to SPA in Girls 103, I was on twitter and she asked me “How do you work that” and I told her “Only cool people use it!” and she said “I'm a dork and I don't use at anyways !” I was having a  hard time adjusting it here because I was new and there was no one to talk to. Sonya said “Your going to get use to it because I know I have.” She told me this everyday and I still didn’t feel like I was use to it. When Sonya first start telling me this I shrugged it off because I didn’t believe her,and I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone.
In my room at SPA like 1 month ago when I had just switched rooms because of problems in the house  and I was putting up all my Drake posters and she tried to keep one and I was like “um no” and she was like “I love me some Drake too” and I was like “your too old” and she was like “yeah I left my cane at home and I need a hip replacement!” Sonya always knows the right things to say that makes me smile. She made me fall of the bed because I was laughing so hard my kidney hurt. I was having a hard time moving my room because I didn't want a new roommate and she tried to make me feel happy about the whole situation because she’s always positive
2 days ago at SPA in the kitchen at the dinner table, I told Sonya to make me a sandwich and she was like “No make your own!”.. I told her that “My but hurts and I'm not able to” and she said my but hurts too and I told her “your buts bigger than mine it ain't even real” and she said it “sure ain't i got it done the same time Kim Kardashian did”. That day was very rough for me and her sandwiches make them all better. Plus I seriously think that she had a butt job. Anyways I really thought it was funny she roasted on herself.
Sonya has a significance because she makes me laugh all the time. Her ability to laugh at her own self makes me realize that if your able to laugh at yourself no one can disappoint you. Usually I dont trust adults at all because I believe that they will tell everything that they hear and I just dont feel like I can confide in them! Knowing that Sonya is always here when I need her makes me really happy. Afterall she is my social worker. Sonya is the best!

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