Monday, November 21, 2011

’Typhoid Fever’– Present Tense Childhood Memory

Im 10 years old in the 4th grade with my bestfriend Julia. Our whole 4th grade class got in trouble for being mean to the subsitute the previous day. Me and Julia are trying our hardest to one to win the last Student of The Month award before school was over. I thought about the previous day how I tried my best to get everyone to settle down. Even though I didn't do anything that day the sub put that everyone was bad. Me and Julia start to cry because we didnt know what  Mr.White was going to think. Later on in the day me and Julia agreed to write an essay to Mr.White on why we are sorry and how we think that we deserve the award. I call Julia to tell her what I wrote and she tells me what she wrote. On Tuesday I give my letter to Mr. White and so does Julia and he starts to Chuckle. I was confused so I asked him why was he laughing. He said that the sub wrote how me and Julia were the only good ones and that he was going to give us the awards anyways. He saved the best for last he told us. On Friday me and my bestfriend walk on stage to recieve our awards. We were really happy.

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