Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“Through the Tunnel” Before You Read: Prove Yourself Paragraph

So right now I am trying to leave SPA because I don't want to be here anymore. My CASA told me it would be a good idea to hav my grades up so that when I have the TDM they can see that I'm doing a better job. Right now my grades aren't that good. I have Tow F's, One D, and Two C's. It's kind f hard because the teachers here tach differently and I'm more adapted to my old school and the way they teach. That's why I want to go back. So I hav to do my part and get my grades up so I can leave.


  1. I don't know want to say because I wasn't in your class but I hope you get what you want and get your grades up.

  2. Keep trying. It is good to challenge yourself to get used to different teaching styles. Keep trying!

  3. Why do you not wanna be here? I would hate it if you left here! you are an awesome friend!