Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Imagery in Poetry Blog Post Paragraph

A sad memory I remember is when was the last few days of school my Freshman year. I had bought a yearbook so that all my friends could sign it, they all wrote pages and pages on how much they were going to miss me, so much that my yearbook was full. At times I go back and read everything. I remember all the hugs we would give eachother and holding hands on the tennis court. I can smell the Taco Shop my bestfriend Crista' dad always bought for us. I can remember crying with one of my bestfriend Jasmine because an upperclassmen stole our money. Of course I remember all the laughs we had, because back then I swore I would be a comedian. I just miss them all. So I feel empty when I lose friends or someone leaves me. I feel detached.

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