Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Semester 2012 Goals

My goal for the 2nd semester is to at least try to get an 3.0. Last semester I was focused on leaving here so only used that as an excuse not to do my homework.I selected this goal because  I know that I'm capable of doing my best because my  freshman yer I had a 3.8 and this school is way easier. Now that I know leaving is not really a fast process, Im gonna try my best until I leave. I will achieve this goal by doing all my homework, and check on my grades often.


  1. Gosh. That is a very honest post. I am glad you are going to return to being a responsible student!

    1. Making goals is a very important quality to have in the long run to make decisions.

  2. I like your post because I know that you will achieve most of these goals by the end of the semester.