Friday, April 20, 2012

JCCS Academic Language Written Assessment Week 31

Parents of teen vandals should be held responsible for their childs damage. The first reason is that if the child did the damage, they take care of the child so the child is already their responsibility anyways. The parents need to ACHIEVE better parenting if your kid is going around damaging other peoples property. So anything that they do is reflected on the parents. The second reason is that if a child is in a store with their parent and they break something the parent has to pay for it so why cant the same rules apply for vandalism? I'm pretty sure parents can COMPUTE on why they would have to pay for that. My last reason is it would be respectful to pay for something that your child destroyed SPECIFICALLY if its private property. Children don't have any business to ruin something that isn't theirs. So the parents have to pay. That's why parents should be held responsible.

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