Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Portfolio - Future

I feel very bright about the future. My goals for the future is for me and my girlfriend to go to UCLA together or go to NYU. We are still deciding. I want to major in Science Technologies. I plan to get my masters, and hopefully get a great job with in that. I believe that some experiences like form previous schools helped me like with my study habits.  I need to work on keeping my grade up, and make sure that they stay up and don't get to comfortable thinking everyhings okay. My brother, my girlfriend, my foster parents & my friends can help me achieve my goal by being there to support. I believe I can achieve my goals, but I still have my doubts, I just need to stay confident.


  1. You can reach those goals if you keep you head up and keep moving forward without worrying about little issues that can bring you down hill. You can do it and I believe you will do expecially with yoour mentallity!!!