Friday, September 23, 2011

Academic Language Week 5 - Vaccinations

Yes,Vaccinations should definitely be required for small children. The ESTIMATION of kids who do and do not get the shot is a big difference. Kids who get the shot are more protected and their parents would be 100% POSTIVE that they are prevented from that certain type of disease. Kids who don't get the shot their parents are unsure if they are protected or not. Kids like to interact with other kids as well like a park. If there is a diseased  kid who has not gotten their shot and they are of age and their around younger kids who cant have their shot then that's how germs and diseases can pass around. Some our harmless while others can actually hurt or a kill a child. Then the fault would be upon the parents for not vaccinating their child,spreading it to others and killing children. I don't think any parent would want to ILLUSTRATE why their child is dead. So why go through all these problem when you can vaccinate your child and protect other well as yours?

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