Friday, September 30, 2011

Academic Language Week 6 - Citizenship

Undocumented Immigrants should not be able to become citizens for many reasons. One reason is that today in our economy we barley have money to do anything. A lot of people come to America to live the "Good Life" but their doing it the illegal way. The illegal way is by not paying all taxes. As a citizen you are required to pay yearly taxes on everything. This will VERIFY you as an American citizen because you are following the law. The second reason is that when immigrants come over here illegally, what happens when they get hurt? Well we pay the cost. We are providing healthcare and services for them because they refuse to to go through the SEQUENCE of becoming an American citizen. The last reason is if one person comes over,then another person comes over,soon they will have their whole family illegally here living off the money that we make. That isn't fair for people in other countries besides Mexico going through the process,buying a passport and SIMPLIFYING things for them to come over to become a citizen the right way. Undocumented Immigrants need to go through the steps of becoming an American citizen the right way,and to be fair.


  1. You explained your reasons very well. What about people who live in extremely poor countries, such as Somalia?

  2. Good job on your post and very detailed. I agree with Ms.Priester what about the extremely poor countries?

  3. I agree about the whole what if the immigrants get hurt thing.