Monday, October 3, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 6: Campus Donations

I feel that the people who donate school supplies to San Pasqual. I feel very appreciative. Even though before school started here I had already bought clothes,supplies,shoes,and a backpack. I t was nice to know that eventually I would run out and this was a good oppurtunity to get more. To be honest it also made me feel less fortunate,,like were  poor kids who can't afford anything. I guess since I was adopted for 10 years I'm use to the back to school tradition and like buying expensive things and getting whatever I want.I'm not use to things getting donated to me.So maybe I'm feeling a loss of pride here,I didn't feel like a foster kid. So being here reminded me that I am one. Also I haven't been here that long so I wasn't that excited about the football field like everyone else was, to me I was like big deal football field, my old high school has a bigger one. Then I thought about how people were tellin me they never had a field so I thought that was really generous for them to get a field for them. I guess I need to realize that I'm going to be here for this year so I need to go along and be happy for everyone. After all they didn't have to do it.

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