Thursday, September 1, 2011

“The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” Conflicts & Surprise

In the story The Contents of the Dead Mans Pocket a man name Tom Benecke was working hard on his paper. Even though  him and his wife were suppose to see a movie together he was more concern about his paper. His wife was upset. Which was the Internal conflict of him deciding to be with his wife or if he should continue to work on his paper. After his wife left the wing blew his yellow paper that he was working on right out the window. Which is the external conflict. Tom goes outside to retrieve his paper but gets put in a fearful situation because he is at an angle where he can fall and die. So he has multiple failed attempts of trying to get peoples attention like burning paper, yelling for help and dropping coins. So he decided to break the window with his fist which was an success. As soon as Tom re-enters the apartment Clare also walks in because she didn't want to leave without him. Tom realizing that his wife was more important decides to go to the movie with his wife. As soon as he goes to walk out the door the paper flies out the window again. Which I just realized was Irony.Tom changed because he realized what the important things are in life.

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