Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” My Yellow Paper Paragraph

One item that I would risk to save my life for is my iPod. I use my iPod every single day every where I go. It has every Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga,Trey Songz, and Nicki Minaj song that they have ever made. I listen to my music when im bored,when I'm doing my work, or I'm in a bad mood. My iPod is my whole life especially since I listen to these artist every single day.  Also al ot of people always want to listen to my music so other people enjoy it too. I just feel empty without my iPod in my pocket and my headphones in my ear. To know that my iPod is safe I always keep it in my back pocket and it stays there. It's a nano so its safe to sit on.

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