Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” Minute Paragraph

In a minute of my life when one of my  puppies died.. I was sitting at my table eating my hot potatoes and cornbread and green beans. So my tia comes in and tells me that one of my puppies Bailey just died. So I ran to the back door of the house and pulled it with all my might to see if the rest of my puppies were still okay. As soon as I saw the one puppy by himself I knew it was him. So I drop down on my knees making sure I got my pants dirty to lean over and cry my eyes out. He was lifeless and he wasn't moving. He was also the sallest one of the bunch only weighing 1.2  pounds. So my tio and tia come over hug me tight. Then I ate some ice cream. That was a minute of my life.

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