Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“The Pedestrian” Before You Read: Life in 2053

If I was in the year of 2053 my day would be exciting. When I wake up I would wake up to high tech robots saying good morning to me and having my breakfast. As I stand up I would be transported straight to the bathroom and into the shower. The shower would automatically pour soap on my loufa and put it to the right temperature for me to take one. After that it would blow dry me right when I'm in the shower so I won't have to use a towel. Then when I lift my arms up the robot would put clothes on me. After I'm done getting dress I will ride a hover car to my job. At my job I will have some colleagues that are robots and some that are humans.  Then after that I would go home. Then the robots would have my dinner ready for me. Then they would have my be ready to go and my favorite channel on.


  1. Great post, It would be cool if robot's were here at this time.

  2. i disagree because you wouldnt know what its gonna be like