Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everyday Use Character Graphic Organizer

 Everyday Use Frannie Brandon Roniesha

Character Dee
O Maggie’s thoughts toward Dee was that she got whatever she want and that the world never said “No” to her. Momma’s thoughts toward Dee was that she always thought she was better than everyone. That she was too good for things. Back then she never cared about culture.
ADee’s actions towards her sister Maggie are a little mean because all she does is imply that she doesnt know anything. Her actions towars her mom aren’t that nice either because she thinks she can push over her.
ADee’s appearance was nice and warm. She tryed to greet her mother and sister nicely. As of her physical appearance Momma said that she always had style and could dress nice.
TDee’s thoughts were that since she was so into her culture now,that she deserved things. She thought that it was her right to have the quilts.
SShe uses words like : “Wa.su.zo.Tean.o” and “Asalamalakim” . Ever since she has gotten older she has been using words of her culture.

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