Friday, March 23, 2012

Should Global Positioning System (GPS) devices be required for habitually truant students?

GPS devices should be required for habitually truant students. The first reason it should be ADMINISTERED is for their safety. If they ditched school, and wanted to go somewhere dangerous, the beeper would go off.Also if someone tried to kidnap them at school, or take them off campus the school will be alarmed. The second reason is also for the parents concern, so they won't get in trouble. If a student has a certain amount of truant days where they don't go to school, sometimes parent go to jail for not. For keeping their student absent. But not all the time is it the parents fault. So this way they can tell if the student ditches. The last reason is because the student can get more learning done, because they will be in school at all time, and they can't leave. Students will have more appropriate CONDUCT because they will be in school learning.

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