Monday, June 11, 2012

My Educational Experiences

Due to my educational experiences, I am currently very caught caught up in school and my credits and everything except for 2 classes which can easily be made up. I went to a good elementary school, and an excellent High School. I had a 4.0 through out my middle school, years, and had a 3.1 -3.5 Freshman year. In elementary school and Middle school I was always on the Honor Roll and it made me feel proud that I had good grades, and a lot of people recognized me for it especially at church. This year is not so good, but I am getting caught up and learning at a regular pace. To make sure that I'm successful in High School I will always check to see if my grades are up to par.
My School List


  1. This was a good post, it's cool that you were recognized in church.

  2. Church, I really haven't been to church in 4 years -.-

  3. I like this post. especially because you are known in church. I haven't been to church in forever but good job.