Friday, June 8, 2012

End of Year Reflection – Greatest High School Obstacle

My greatest obstacle was coming here to San Pasqual Academy. Coming here was very difficult for me because I had to leave all my old friends, my old school, my old life and drop everything to come here. At San Pasqual they teach very differently from  a regular high school. I was supposed to take A.P. Euro history this year and couldn't take it because they don't offer it. They don't offer a lot of thing. I'm still not use to this kind of atmosphere with going t school with people, and live with them as well. It's hard sometimes to get my grades up, because I can never like study because I live here, and there's so much commotion.. This has changed me, now because it makes me  more stressed then what I used to be.


  1. Coming to SPA was a crazy obstacle for me to, along with many others I think.

  2. I agree with you it is hard to get your grades up.