Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 4: Power Outage

So on Thursday there was a power outage. When the lights first went out I was sitting on the couch playing the PS3. I was very fustrated because I didnt get to save my game. Then all my friends started texting me and ask if the power was out here in Escondido and I replied with a no duh! At 6:00 I went to the cafe with other students and we were dancing and others were poorly rapping. Around 9:00 it was time to go home. I totally forgot that the lights were out. So when I took a shower in the dark it brought back a heavy flashback. Me and my little brother were at home and our adoptive mom was gone and she didn't pay the light bill and she was always gone.. So every night me and my brother would stay real close because it was just me and him and I didnt want anything to happen to him since he's the only thing I have. I tried my best to find food so that he can eat and tried to help him with his homework and mine before it got dark.We would always take showers before it got dark. It was very stressful dealing with this for a whole month rather than one night. I was use to it. At that house I never was gonna know if someone was gonna break in or not.I had to be aware at all times.  Around 11:00 I started to get tired and I realized I havent eaten anything but then I thought about last time and remembered I was capable to skip a night of food. When the power came back on I immediatley called my brother to see if he was okay. He was the only one on my mind.

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  1. Nice job chick on dah side.. really lilke your post lol keep it up on doing your post.